Sunday 26 June 2022
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EARTH is a project based in Ely using
Allotment-techniques and other
Resources to give
Training in

Where we are
EARTH is an independent horticultural charity based at Larkfield, High Barns in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

What we do
EARTH enables people of a range of ages with varying abilities to work alongside each other in real horticultural situations.

EARTH values:

  • people with severe learning disabilities (and the associated problems of concentration, coordination, personality and speech).
  • young teenagers with learning difficulties (who are maybe at risk of exclusion from school because of their behaviour or are school refusers).
  • young people wishing to undertake work experience.

We treat our service users with dignity and respect; we include them in discussions. We expect them to help in making decisions. We encourage them to develop skills, making the most of their ability.

General information

We have our own legal agreement with the County Council for the use of a wooden hut as a base, for land on which we have built a large polygreenhouse, and for other land to cultivate. Our clients work together in groups, experiencing a variety of horticultural techniques, growing and preparing perennial plants and bedding for sale, developing and maintaining the site.

At present there are morning and afternoon sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for learning disabled adults, and mornings only on Mondays. The groups are kept small to ensure a high level of individual and group encouragement and support.

Want (or need) list
EARTH is grateful for donations of practical materials, things ranging from unwanted plants to spare pens and paper. If you have any seeds, plants, pots or tools that you would like to pass on, please let us know.

We are given various funds from many different organisations, both local and national, for which we are very grateful.

New Clients
We have vacancies for people to come and work with us (either as a volunteer or as a service user). Please contact us for details.

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